Michigan Central Station from Bagley and 16th

Broderick Tower, Detroit
Camera phone photo

Finding your passion

There are so many things in life I want to accomplish, and yet I feel so lazy right now. With photography, journalism, songwriting/music, film, etc., etc. — there is just so much I want to do! Help?

Jermaine Jackson
MotorCity Casino’s Sound Board
Detroit, Michigan
June 12, 2014

New apartment

Detroit Public Library

I miss my view

Got so excited when I noticed this… shout out to all of my Breaking Bad fans: HAVE AN A-1 DAY!

Fisher Building, Detroit

Detroit by W. Grand Blvd. at the river

Dear beloved fans,

I’ve missed you this last month, and am so incredibly happy that you all stayed with me despite my absence. I’m back in Detroit, and have decided to end the 365 project to focus on life. It gets to be a lot for me — a photo a day — and I found out that it actually led to way too many less-than-quality shots. The fact is, as much as I love photography, I just don’t want to feel forced to do it. It stunts my creativity and enthusiasm. I’ll be posting shots from the last month (like this one, taken tonight) more regularly, aiming for at least once a day. I will continue to update this page to showcase my best work only, and will be deleting images I feel do not reflect a high quality.

It is so GREAT to be back! I hope everyone is fantastic! Stop by to say ‘hi’ any time — I love hearing from you all! And ‘hello’ to the new followers who have yet to visit my page! (Can you tell I’m giddy to be Tumbling again?)

Costa Rica

Hi followers! Don’t leave me — I promise I’ll be back! I’m leaving Costa Rica for Detroit on Wednesday. I’ve been keeping up with my photo a day. Some will be with my point and shoot, but most will be with my SLR.

You’ll be hearing and seeing a lot if you stay tuned until next week! In the meantime, thanks for your support… It means a lot to have 300+ followers!


I’ve been super lazy lately, and as a result, have been stuck at 310ish followers for quite awhile. Who wants to make me feel better by buying a photo or telling me how good-looking I am?