Detroit is the Future

I would give away a kidney to get more fan mail…

This is Detroit. From left to right: tree, Broderick Tower, David Whitney Building, People Mover, streetlight, and some building I don’t know the name of.

Day #95: Me and friends (that’s me on the left)

Day #94: TAC-FORCE

Day #91, part 2: Well, it was bound to happen. Didn’t take any photographs on 4/3/2014. Oh, well. Here’s another from the day before. Those are windmills way out there.

Day #91: Bebedero - Top of the Mountain

Sunsets look pretty similar everywhere… these photographers don’t seem to notice that I have the best shot

Day #89: Picket fence or barbed wire?

Day #88: So pretty in black & white


Wow, awesome! Just made it to 300 followers (and I don’t even know most of you). Hello to the new ones who came over from Photographer’s Directory. I try to share my photos with various sites to get more people like you interested.

What do you guys think is the way to go about gaining good traction on Tumblr? Not just more followers, but more interest. I’m also looking for photographers and travelers to shoot with this year. Anyone recommend some good pages?


bigdaddyrenzo asked:

what type of camera do you shoot with?


Nikon 7100 & currently 3 lenses: a standard 18-55mm, 55-200mm, and a new 35mm f/1.8