I’ve been super lazy lately, and as a result, have been stuck at 310ish followers for quite awhile. Who wants to make me feel better by buying a photo or telling me how good-looking I am?

Day #107: Where to next?

Day #106: Yeah, yeah… I forgot to take another photo for my 365. Boo hoo! Instead, here’s an unorthodox view from a few feet away from a 2012 Toronto Blue Jays battery warming up in between innings. Photo by Matt Harding / In Play! Magazine

Day #105: Didn’t I just take this damn photo?

Day #104: Underwater

Day #103: Didn’t take a photo on April 14th, so here are three from the day prior. In Bocas del Toro, Panama.


Day #101: New roof, new other stuff

Day #100: Has it been 100 days already?

Costa Rica, film by Matt Harding — what does everyone think?

Day #99: Really excited about this shot… I think it’s one of my best this year. What do you guys think?

Day #98: Motorbike

Detroit is the Future

I would give away a kidney to get more fan mail…

This is Detroit. From left to right: tree, Broderick Tower, David Whitney Building, People Mover, streetlight, and some building I don’t know the name of.